Go West Old Man, Go West

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I am hoping to attend a developer’s conference this November for iOS platforms in Los Angeles. On of the funding sources I was counting on has denied my request. It is a disappointing turn of events and now I am not sure if I will still go or not. It is not an overly expensive conference and meals are included in the price, but I would also need to pay for airfare and hotel at 170 per night.

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Simplify Media adds Photos to the mix

I downloaded the new app from Simplify Media last week for viewing photos from you iPhoto library on your iPhone. Simply Media for photos uses the same Mac or PC application as Simplify Media for your music files. On the iPhone, it is a separate application.

I had some trouble with the caching of the photos from the Mac’s library to the iPhone.

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So hard to decide which tool

I have been trying out several posting services lately with the purpose of easily moving video from my iPhone to several locations on the web. I have tried using Qik, which I like and which also now allows me to post video from the iPhone while connected with 3G service. I also use Posterous, a simple blogging, aggregating service (there may be better ways to describe Posterous), to post videos, audio clips, and photos.

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15 Apps Rendered Obsolete By The New iPhone 3GS : iSmashPhone

After installing the GM of iPhone 3.0 OS on my iPhone, I was able to remove a number of applications that I no longer need due to Apple providing the functionality natively in the new OS. iSmashPhone blog identifies some of the now “obsolete” iPhone applications:

Chances are youve already heard about the iPhone 3G S and some of its cool new features and same goes for the iPhone OS 3.0 and its cool new features.

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Amazon Kindle’s Blog – Free Sci-Fi

I have been using the Kindle app for the iPhone for a better part of this half week. So far, I am quite impressed with the application. I would not want to read all of my books on my iPhone, but when I am out and about (or held hostage at a shopping mall by my wife) I can pull out my iPhone and catch up on some reading. → Read the rest

Amazon launches Kindle application for the iPhone

From Greg Kumparak at MobileCrunch:

Not looking to drop $360 bucks on a gadget purposed almost solely for book reading, but still want to partake in Amazon’s new found love for eBooks? You’re not alone – and if you’ve got an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’re in luck. As we’d assumed they would, Amazon has just launched a free Kindle application for Apple’s much-lauded touchscreen, available immediately.

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SIM City: Saga of an iPhone SIM lockup

I spent most of my day, Saturday, driving to the Orlando Apple Store and back in an effort to revive my iPhone. The problem began on Friday. I was heading over to my Father-in-law’s home to help with a small remodeling project. I decided to leave my iPhone at the home where we are staying rather than bring it along.

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iPhone update 2.2 draining battery quickly

I have noticed a significant increase in battery drain on my iPhone since updating it to 2.2. In fact with at least 75% of my battery life left, my iPhone drained to completely empty when left in sleep mode for 2 hours last night. In seaching the web for more information, I found this article on iLounge.com

Meanwhile, a separate group of users complaining of greatly reduced battery life are reporting standby times of less than 10 hours, but not all users appear to be experiencing the problem.

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Review: Simplify Media – simply great!

Alright, I confess right up front, I have way more songs in my iTunes library than I ever do or will listen to. But I am one of those guys that likes to think I have my whole library always available for any situation. You know, like when I am at the park with my beautiful wife, a quaint picnic blanket and lunch, and a beautiful azure sky with one or two large cumulus clouds lazily floating across the sky. → Read the rest