Two Tales of Product Customer Service

Customer service can differ a great deal from store to store and from company to company. We recently experienced this between two companies that manufacture high-end products. One is Bendtec, makers of the blender with the power motor. They are the company famous for the slogan and campaign, “Will it blend”.

image of a Blendtec blender

We purchased a Blendtec blender last fall after having purchased and owned a Vita-mix blender. → Read the rest

Cracking The Code | Andy Ihnatkos Celestial Waste of Bandwidth BETA

Another Sunday, another workday. There’s a certain point where I pack myself a digital lunch bag and relocate to someplace very public to continue my work. Nearby, I have The Bagel Place With The Free WiFi. A wheat bagel and a can of soda buys me at least four hours of guilt-free office work.The BPwtFW closes at 6.

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An Open Letter From Your Dad

image of graduation cap and diplomaWow! The years have flown by and now you, my oldest son, have reached another milestone. One of many future milestones you will achieve, ‘Lord willing’ and another milestone I am also passing, ‘Lord merciful and gracious’. I likely will pass this place again if the Lord is willing and my younger children are able, but somehow the first time quickens my senses in a unique fashion!
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Goodbye for now…

Small image of treeI find it tough to say goodbye, especially to loved ones. I took my second oldest son to the airport this morning. As a guy, I was all focused in on the task at hand. Wake him up (he was out nearly all night), find out the weight on his two large bags to check, and get to the airport in time to hopefully get his seat assignment changed.

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Olympia Report Deluxe – A retro work of beauty!

image of an Olympia brand typewriter

I love this article. I started apprenticing for my dad repairing typewriters at his store, New Ulm Office Machines, at the age of twelve. I cleaned and repaired a bunch of different typewriters both new and old. We serviced Smith Corona, Olympia, Olivetti, Remington, Underwood, and probably a number of others that I can’t remember. We were an authorized Olympia typewriter reseller and sold the Report Deluxe, which my dad gave me as a high school graduation gift. → Read the rest

Repost: Brides bouquet brings down plane

The best laid plans…

The bride and groom had hired a small plane to fly past and throw the bouquet to a line of women guests, Corriere della Sera reported.

However, the flowers were sucked into the planes engine causing it to catch fire and explode.

via BBC NEWS | Europe | Brides bouquet brings down plane.

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