quaw·kle   [kwa-kuhl]

Communicating through chatter, often mindless, sometimes incessant, but always with a will to be heard – regardless of relevancy.


Welcome to Quawkle – the musing of an affable curmudgeon! This is my home for sharing my thoughts, reviews, observances, and anything else I decide to post here. I am a husband, father, son, friend, and most of all a fervent follower of Christ. By day I am an IT consultant and by night a dedicated family guy (actually a dedicated family guy all day long thanks to email and the phone!)

The word quawkle come from my mom and her family – full blooded Swedes! Quawkle was a verb that they use to describe chatter, sometimes “mindless chatter”,  and sometimes incessant chatter. I am not one given to a lot of audible communication – but my mind houses constant chatter and this blog is a means to bring that conversation to the web by bits and bytes taking the form of text, pictures, and occasionally some video.

Well, that’s me and my little piece of the Internet. I hope you enjoy what you read, maybe not all of it, maybe not most of it, but hopefully some of it. Thanks for taking your valuable time to visit!

quawkle characature