Squarespace and Video Helps and Tutorials

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This is another post in a short series regarding my discovery using Squarespace as a writing platform. I currently use WordPress
as my blog’s platform hosted at GoDaddy. I am on a simple quest to simplify my blog platform and focus my efforts on creating

First a rant – sort of: As a programmer and software designer, I am technical by training and career and I admit that I enjoy
opening the hood and seeing how the engine runs. It is part of the inspiration that moved me to begin Quawkle and get my hands
dirty with installing and configuring WordPress. But now, frankly, I am bored with it and I would rather move on. I still want to
nuture and improve Quawkle but with a focus on content rather than on framework. I liken it to the analogy of changing the oil on
my car. I can go to the store and purchase oil, a new oil filter, a drain pan, and filter wrench (I already have the last two).
Then I can wait for a Saturday morning and get the ramps set up, drive my car onto the ramps (without going over the front of them
– Ben 😉 ), put on the old clothes and get to it. 30-45 minutes later (optimistically) I can put the hood down, clean up the
mess, put away the tools, and proclaim, “job done”.

Or with a coupon, I can take my car down to Precision Tune, spend $20 to get the oil changed, do billable client work on my
Macbook Pro while I wait, and earn 4 times as much.

Get the picture?

The Squarespace platform removes the “time-suck” and allows me to get to where I want quicker and with more fun in the process.
Last night I spent some time using Photoshop to create my own simple header banner. I watched one of the many help videos to get an idea in my mind of how to do it. The video helps and
tutorials give you bite size information regarding all aspects of getting your site working and looking very nice and clean. I
like to read manuals and gain a solid understanding of what is going on but I also enjoy the Squarespace help videos for moving me
toward my goal of a solid blog site in the shortest amount of time.

Thought: I may never get to the point of trying out the WordPress framework tools – Genesis or Thesis – at this rate!

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