Book Review: Finally Alive by John Piper

Finally Alive is a newly published book written by John Piper. Pastor John is the preaching pastor of the church that my family attends in the Minneapolis area. Finally Alive is focused on the Gospel and its message both to the believer and the unbeliever. John unpacks the truths he previously delivered in a sermon series he previously preached at Bethlehem Baptist Church. He shares an extended explanation of the term “born again”. From the Desiring God Web site:

Spiritual rebirth is precious and crucial. When Jesus said, “You must be born again,” he wasn’t simply sharing interesting information; he was directing us toward eternal life.
It is essential to know what God intends when he uses this language of being born again, so that we may experience new birth and help others do the same.

I really appreciated the final chapter in which he brings the work of the Gospel home to the individual believer’s responsibility to share it. He explains that the effort, not the eloquence is the work of the Holy Spirit through the willing believer impressed with the need to share the Gospel with others. I recommend this book as an insight into the work of the Gospel message both as it is shared and experienced.

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