Book Review: The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

The context for the book, The Templar Legacy, is detailed enough that it takes a little while for author, Steve Berry, to develop the story’s plot. I found it a little bit of a struggle to be drawn back to the novel during the early part of the book. That was not the case for the last 3/4 of the book. I started with a library edition, migrated to a paperback copy loaned by a friend and ended with a purchased copy on my Kindle 2. After reading this novel, I am inclined to continue reading other Berry novels that continue the story of the characters Cotton Malone and Stephanie Nelle.

I enjoy reading books about espionage and international intrigue and this novel provides all that and more. The author includes enough background detail in developing the setting and history to make the story compelling on many levels. The characters are somewhat complex and the historical “flashbacks” add to the story.

My disappointment with the novel is the author’s prominent “axe to grind” attempt to promote his theory of the falsity of the resurrection of Christ. This theme serving as a pivotal point to the story line disappointed me and left a sour taste for me in an otherwise great story. I would not offer any other detail in an attempt to not provide a “spoiler”.

I recommend the read to both believers and skeptics alike. I think the author writes well, provides historical background, and develops an intriguing story.

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