Apple’s In Ear Earphones Makes the Grade

While on vacation in Florida, I used the Amazon mobile app for iPhone to order a pair of the new Apple In Ear Headphones. The cunundrum I had was that while IEH are usually the best for isolating sound I had yet to find a pair that I could comfortably wear. I used to have a pair of Shure’s that I ended up selling on eBay because they would make my ears sore after wearing them for awhile. Recently, I picked up a pair of Etymotic ie6 which are very nice. I still had a tough time getting them in my ears just right so I could properly hear the right bass response. I did order some replacement ear tips which helped.

What I really wanted was a pair of in ear headphone that would have great sound, comfortable fit, and controls with a microphone so I could use them with my iPhone. The Apple IEH really fit the bill. They are east to insert into my ears. They are relatively comfortable and they have great sound. In addition, they are not as expensive as a lot of other quality in ear headphones. While I still have and use the Etymotics, the Apple IEH have now become my go-to headphones.

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