The best lessons of 2008

2008 light drawing imageAs the year comes near to a close, I am reflecting on the things that I am most thankful for. To use the proverbial expression, “…drinking from a firehose…” it is difficult to cull my list to just a couple of items. However, the exercise of summarizing the year to just a few bullet points helps me focus on the essence of what I learned from the past year that I can carry with me to the coming one. Here are a few simple bullet points of the things that impacted me.

  • 2008 taught me that I am wholly depending on a sovereign God to provide, sustain, and use me to impact those around me.
  • 2008 showed me that I am finite, mortal, and above all very dependent on Christ and the very special relationships with those He has brought into my life.
  • 2008 helped me understand that resources are just resources. They are not the goal but rather means to achieve the goals in life.
  • 2008 revealed to me that not all I see is real and not everything real is visible.

If you are taking a moment to scan my blog, I want to say thanks for stopping by. I truly hope that 2009 will impact you in many positive ways; even when it may not be initially evident.

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