Endless Weekends

image of a downward trending chart

Every remember as a kid wishing that the weekend would last forever? Especially if you dreaded Monday morning and the start of a new school week. Or maybe as an adult — dread is too strong a word for most cases — you just felt a little edgy on Sunday night knowing that the “grind” was waiting for you the next morning. Perhaps we all experience either of those feelings to one degree or another. Enter the new category: “I wish the weekend would last forever because then I would not have to look at a stock ticker and see what looks like the big slide at Washington Park in my neighborhood growing up.” The weekend seems to bring us a little respite and relief from the grinding economic news we face each day. We wake in the morning hoping that maybe today the news will be better or at least a ‘little less worse’. Lately however, it seems that each day makes the previous seem not so bad. It really can be depressing if you find yourself turning on the news before supper.

Here’s a bit of good news from a world class worrier, find a Bible and check out Psalm 20:7. It is a no loss investment.

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